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The following conditions relate to our use or non-use of images, photographs, documents, technical data, or other items as related to their inclusion herein:

Both Microsoft® and IBM® (and several OEM vendors) prohibit the use of any product name in a third party Internet domain name. With the purpose of branding products by name, the manufacturer assumes that name recognition will relate to their company and not a third party. Our original site address does not infer any specific product information that would otherwise lead to assumption that we represent the creators or owners of the products we catalog.

The software used on this site is the property of the respective manufacturers and protected by laws and provisions. The installation and use of the operating system software is permitted on a single machine; the copying of the programs onto any machine readable or printed for the purpose of supporting our use on a single machine is allowed. The duplication of the media is covered as a legally prohibited action except for a single backup copy for archival use by the licensee. The duplication of printed manuals in whole or in part is prohibited, with the exception of reduced-sized scans that reflect the general appearance of the documents or packaging that would not otherwise allow for unauthorized duplication.

The use and/or depiction of diskette labels or boot screens for the purpose of product identification is permissible, as long as they obscure any serial number, installation code, and/or mask out specific features that would otherwise allow unauthorized duplication, and are accompanied by a copyright notice reflecting the ownership of the respective company. No source code, either in its release state or reverse engineered, is on this site. Any requests for copies of files, disks, manuals, packaging, or any other original product defined as under copyright or license agreement is not allowed and will not be agreed to.

Many versions of DOS ship with both 5.25" and 3.5" media. Pursuant to the licensing agreements from the respective manufacturers, the second set must not be installed on any computer. However, it is permissible to list the contents of the diskettes and display approximate images of the packaging as defined above. This site uses only one media format or the other for the purpose of version summaries, but not both. Citation is made that a second media version exists and whenever possible all legal information pursuant to the second variation is listed. The loaning, leasing, transfer, or installation of the second set of media is prohibited, except as a use expressly permitted in the terms of the manufacturer's licensing agreement.

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